I’ve always wanted to cross America.

In various ways, I have already.  Flying doesn’t count as it’s only departure and destination terminus, the journey contained within a thin steel surrounding.  I’ve previously bussed from Ottawa to Vancouver; taken train from Spokane to New York, and from Ottawa to Los Angeles (with lay-overs in Toronto, Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans).

So while I have technically crossed America several times, transit points ensure that stops are only really in big cities – and big cities are really much of a likeness – so much of an experience is still there awaiting.

Three Challenges

There are several big questions which occasionally come up in going-nowhere conversations: What is the meaning of life; What do you want to do with your life (job-wise); What do you want to do before you die?  The Bucket List.

A couple of years ago I decided that a Bucket List shouldn’t just be a morbid race to tick boxes before we croak, but could be a constantly evolving list of targets for achieving within a set time-frame.  More like the 5-year-plan that you get asked in job interviews.

I set myself 3 challenges to complete before I turn 35 (February 2019):

  1. Complete an Iron-distance triathlon
  2. Attempt the Marathon des Sables (aka Sahara Ultra Marathon)
  3. Cycle across the United States of America, coast to coast.

Thus, my Pond to Pond adventure is in the making.

I will use this website/blog to detail my trip planning, equipment trials, training progress and ultimately, the journey itself.  Wish me luck, and happy reading.