Days 34 & 35: Badlands, South Dakota

Yeah, I’ve been lazy with updating this here blog. I reckon I should add a 4th essential to my “Unlikely Trinity Of Bikepacker Blogging” (Phone battery, Internet access & Time) – that being “Motivation.” Continue reading Days 34 & 35: Badlands, South Dakota


Day 33: Bonesteel to White River

Chasing 2nd Century in a row

After my big mile day yesterday, one of two things could happen today. Either I’d be physically broken (as tends to happen after extra-strenuous effort) or I’d be super-motivated to push for even bigger miles.

I woke up late, physically tired but we’ll rested and with a sluggish time repacking was gone midday before I started cycling. All evidence was pointing today to being the former possibility. Continue reading Day 33: Bonesteel to White River

Day 32: Obert to Bonesteel

Making up for lost time

Checking the weather forecast when I arrived in Obert last night, I realised that the best of the wind would be blowing – strongly, from the northeast – in the very early morning.

And the wind was certainly blowing! I woke early, checked my phone, saw it was 4.45am so packed up half my stuff, checked phone again and – slightly more awake – saw it was actually 2.30am.

Continue reading Day 32: Obert to Bonesteel