Day 8: Verona Beach to Seneca Falls

Head down, gears up!

I had a rough start to the day. I woke up, cold, in my tent to the sound of rain thundering down on me. Knowing it was a large storm forecast and there was unlikely to be a break, I packed up all I could, got dressed and as quickly as possible, collapsed and rolled as one the wet tent into its carry bag. Then I hit the road.

The landscape passing by, while nice, wasn’t anything remarkable by contrast to previous days, so I just kept my head down, focusing on the less-wet lines in the road and avoiding the occasional pothole. Also, I had about 7% battery life, so trying to take any photos would have been pointless.

Stopped for brunch at a diner in Baldwinsville, outside of which I conveniently parked my bike next to a charging socket, so my phone and spare batteries charged while I ate.

Afternoon was spent much the same though without the rain, just in the zone churning out a solid pace mile after mile.

Stopped briefly at the Montezuma Winery just on the outskirts of Seneca Falls for a quick intro to the styles of wine being produced and finding favour in the Finger Lakes wine region.

6 wine tastes for $4 seemed reasonable, so I opted for their dry riesling, semi-dry riesling, vidal, pinot noir, cabernet franc, and sweet caret icewine. The Cab.Franc was the most deliciously flavourful (similar to Loire Valley CF / AOP Bourgueil); Dry Riesling good spice nose and tropical fruit palate; Vidal similar to a floral-spice gewurztraminer; off-dry riesling none special; icewine tasted oxidised, like blending dry Oloroso and sweet PX sherries.

Check out my ride on Strava.

Relive my ride.



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