Day 2: Kittery to Brookline

Day 2 started with so much promise.

I’d had a good night’s rest, was warm, fed, knew where I was aiming for and was raring to get on with it.

I just didn’t expect so many hills.

And rather than the hills be, cycle up, along the top and down the other side, these were a constant chore of short-but-steep ups and over-too-quickly downs, with no momentum being carried between them.

The plan was to head over to Manchester, the biggest city in New Hampshire, down to Nashua then across to Fitchburg – where I was still hopeful of finding accommodation.

Things started going wrong when my phone battery drained, and neither of my Pebble batteries would yield more than 20% phone-charge – despite them having been “charging through the dynamo-hub/Cycle2Charge USB-adapter all of the previous day. So in order to keep Strava recording, I needed to keep switching USB>Pebble (getting tiniest charge) to Pebble>Phone (getting tiniest charge in turn), which meant a constantly stop-start kind of frustrating day.

Eventually, about 15 miles shy of Fitchburg, I ran out of daylight and with rain approaching, asked somebody for advice on where I could pitch my tent. In his back garden as it turned out.


Check out my ride on Strava

Relive my ride



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