So I’ve arrived

I had a rather nervous 10 hours between checking my bike into the care of the baggage handlers of Glasgow, Dublin and Boston airports, to receiving my slightly scratched and gear-tooth-broken bike back.

My fears were of damage far worse! Buckled wheels, bent brake discs, squished forks, etc would have been far worse than the largely cosmetic damage actually inflicted.

Spent a good, frustrating hour and a half at the side of the baggage claim hall at the airport, unboxing and reassembling the bike.  Even had the company of an airport janitor who was completely engrossed in watching the bike come together again. He was kind enough to repay this entertainment by disposing the copious quantities of cardboard and bubblewrap – hopefully for recycling – which saved me further burden. Nice guy and a great welcome to America!

Boston proved nicer than I remembered it.

There’s definitely something to be said for how our preconceptions affect actual perception of a place. When I visited Boston 6 years ago, I had hoped for a city with similar coastal charm to that of Halifax, Nova Scotia – and was disappointed when it proved otherwise. This time, with my expectations lowered, Boston proved really quite charming.

It was especially wonderful to reconnect with José, my inspirational couchsurfing host who I also stayed with in 2011.  Great also to get back to the awesome Paramount Cafe – I highly recommend both their pancakes and French toast!

Otherwise, just a nice wander round the city was had, enjoying weather that wouldn’t be out of place in Scotland during the summertime – drizzly rain.

Nice enough and light enough to be fine. Until I collected my bike from José’s, at which point it was properly tipping it down. Utterly drenched by the time I got to the train station 45 mins later following my cycle in.

On train now though. Quick dry trousers and waterproof jacket both proving their worth. Portland, Maine arriving in 10 mins and more heavy rain likely.

All in, a test of the wet weather forecasted to persist for much of the coming week. Joy! However…

My determination is stronger than that of the downpour.

Bring it on!


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