Day Of Opportunity

So I’m not normally up this early, let alone without reason to be up this early.  But this morning I awoke unusually early with the sight of a deep red glow echoing off my bedroom wall.  Many days I would have simply nodded and gone back to sleep.  For some reason I didn’t.

My reward was glorious and such a show of nature really sparked something in my mind.  This really is a day of opportunity with “Potential” written across the sky in teachers’ red ink.  For all the aloofness that may sound invoked, I realised the practical potential of my new-found opportunity.  Getting up far earlier than usual brings multiple rewards.


From the perspective alone of the undertaking of the cycle trip, rising with the sun allows an early start to the day, allows a few hours of riding on quiet roads, in the relative cool before days get hot, allows me to get in a solid 20/25 miles before breakfast – and allows me much more time to actually see the places I’m going to be passing through, more people to chat briefly with, the option of gaining even more miles on top of my “between the centuries” (100km-100mile) daily target or achieve target early and spend more time in the afternoons just chilling.

With a reduction in time-imposed (and self-imposed) pressures and stresses, comes the opportunity for every experience to be all the more worthwhile.


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