Nothing to report

Contrary to the above, I’ve actually been doing quite a fair few odd training activities lately, just no big, special events to particular note to write about.

In fact, I think it’s relatively safe to say that my Strava feed has been comparatively busy this last couple of weeks.  “Comparatively” being as compared to my Strava feed before this last couple of weeks, not as compared to many of the other far more active folk about.  Morning run, lunchtime swim, long evening cycle – not likely from me any time soon.

Yet, in a break from my norm of not buying magazines, while en-route on a business trip to the South of France (where I managed a quick run through my host’s vineyards, as photo) I bought the current issue of Triathlon-220.  The main content for this month was proudly splashed over the front-page “How To Conquer Ironman” and side-heading of “Off-Season Training.”  Given that “Complete an Iron-Distance Triathlon” is one of my 3 stated goals to do before turning 35, and that we’re heading into the off-season, how could I not buy!?  

As promised, those following pages extolled actually-quite-doable training regimes and tips from athletes of different grades and experience.  Maybe the fact that many of the guides were stating October & November to be rest-months for going easy on the training, might be why I consider the times, pace and distances doable!  December might then be different…

However, keeping optimistic, the magazine offered a couple of different suggested training plans for getting to both Middle-Distance and Iron-Distance triathlons in 2017.  The MD plan being for 4 days of activity per week, at very easily doable duration; The ID plan being 6 days activity per week, at less-easy but still-doable duration.

So I did something I’ve never done before, I created very own formalised training plan!

The Plan:

4 days activity per week, as per MD plan, with intensity of activities taken from ID plan, then reworked to fit with existing weekly activities.  For example, Week 1:

  • Monday – Run 8km (moderate pace);
  • Wednesday – Cycle 40mins (moderate) with 6x2min high intensity blocks
  • Thursday – Swim 1000m (moderate) with 6x60m high intensity blocks
  • Sunday – Cycle 40km

and… week 1 has gone roughly to plan.  I’ve managed so far to keep to schedule, yet my inner-competitiveness has seen me do 12km run, 1h cycle and 2000m swim.  This is going to make the distance gains more challenging in future weeks…

Oops!  Oh, and Tin Farm 5 off-road running race tomorrow, so I might have to cycle to/from Ormsary, or separate cycle to loosen-up afterwards.  We’ll see.


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